Prof. C. Crenganis - Adam

Bronze sculpture – uinque piece, available in our online auction

Artists description:

Made in the ronde-bosse technique, the torsion reproduces through movement (torsion in the axis), the grace of a young body and the force that penetrates from the inside through the play of geometric volumes.

C. Crenganis - Eva (Eve)

The volumes are less geometric, the emphasis being on the grace of the torso in a rotational movement in the vertical axis.
As with Adam’s torso, the portrait and limbs have been excluded from the composition. In the anterior plan, femininity is represented by the different representation of the two breasts (one of the virgin, the other of the young woman).

Eva is also available in our online art auctions area

Prof. C. Crenganis - Dualitate


This impressive artwork from Prof. C. Crenganis is already sold

About Prof. C. Crenganis

Studies: 2006-2008 Master’s degree in Archetypal Structures in the Evolution of Sculptural Forms, coordinator Prof. Dr. D.N. Zaharia | 1986-1992 George Enescu University of Art Iaşi, Department of Fine Arts, specialization in sculpture-restoration, drawing professor, class of Professor Vasile Condurache

Awards: Diploma of Excellence 2011 for the exhibition In memoriam Dionisie Coca, awarded by the U.A.P. | 2004 Honorary award for the construction of the monument of Stephen the Great (Romanian: Stefan cel Mare), Roman, Romania

Personal exhibitions: 2011 In Memoriam Dionisie Coca, exhibition co-sponsored with the U.A.P. Award of Excellence. | 2010 sculpture exhibition, Gallery Cupola Iaşi

Group exhibitions: 2013 Meaning and Meaning, Galleries of the Municipality of Iaşi 2013 Visual Dialogue, U.A.P. Art Galleries Sibiu | 2013 F.I.E. International Education Festival, Theodor Pallady Galleries, Iasi | 2012 Contemporary Syntheses, U.A.P. | 2011 Identities of February 1st Edition, Ion Neagoe Art Galleries

Credo: The sculptural form is subordinate to a philosophical layer that reveals itself through the knowledge of human nature, through the revelations of consciousness in a humanistic context.


Prof. C. Crenganis Wikipedia article

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