About Prof. C. Crenganis

Studies: 2006-2008 Master’s degree in Archetypal Structures in the Evolution of Sculptural Forms, coordinator Prof. Dr. D.N. Zaharia | 1986-1992 George Enescu University of Art Iaşi, Department of Fine Arts, specialization in sculpture-restoration, drawing professor, class of Professor Vasile Condurache

Awards: Diploma of Excellence 2011 for the exhibition In memoriam Dionisie Coca, awarded by the U.A.P. | 2004 Honorary award for the construction of the monument of Stephen the Great (Romanian: Stefan cel Mare), Roman, Romania

Personal exhibitions: 2011 In Memoriam Dionisie Coca, exhibition co-sponsored with the U.A.P. Award of Excellence. | 2010 sculpture exhibition, Gallery Cupola Iaşi

Group exhibitions: 2013 Meaning and Meaning, Galleries of the Municipality of Iaşi 2013 Visual Dialogue, U.A.P. Art Galleries Sibiu | 2013 F.I.E. International Education Festival, Theodor Pallady Galleries, Iasi | 2012 Contemporary Syntheses, U.A.P. | 2011 Identities of February 1st Edition, Ion Neagoe Art Galleries

Credo: The sculptural form is subordinate to a philosophical layer that reveals itself through the knowledge of human nature, through the revelations of consciousness in a humanistic context.


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