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Sa the owner of BSAG I welcome you

Art is a creation gift, to reflect our being…

Welcome to BSAG

Welcome to my art gallery, my name is Roland Kipper, I am the owner of the Bittersweetart Gallery, the gallery that promotes exquisite original surreal art with the bittersweet touch.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope you also purchase some art. Sustaining artists (purchaising artworks), you keep the light shining: the light of the passion of this artists, taking it with you in your rooms and in your soul.

From passion with passion, BSAG

I always had a passion for the bittersweet (feeling both main two forces, experiencing it’s powerplays in various ways, always concerned to play safe, sane and consensual) and always considered art (all forms of art), as food for soul.

Sergiu Grapa – TACERE IN SI BEMOL, 2019
Digital artwork in limited edition

Meeting and collecting wonderful surreal art, I decided to dedicate my know how in webdevelopment and SEM, to help my beloved friends and artists gaining a brighter audience, and so I created this place, I hope you enjoy it.

“Bittersweet” taste, what is this about?
For me, it is the taste of knowledge and wisdoms, gained through living a vast life, full of true love – the wonderful power of the creation / sweet – on the one side and the terrible pain we feel, when the creation and love is destroyed – bitter – on the other side, with us, our perception and everything surrounds us between those two forces, permanently forced to take decisions (free will), without knowing where it leads, living, hoping and dying with every pulse rate,

Sergiu Grapa – Pulse of Hope, 2015

The taste of such a life is unique, it is bittersweet

Dramatic irony art

Sergiu Grapa – PIERDUT IN REGASIRE (Lost in Retrieve), 2017

We are all lead to play the different parts in our own drama in a lifetime, switching between the role of the stage director, taking decision (not really knowing where it leads), changing to the main protagonist (not carrying about the drama, or not seeing it, when it comes to fulfill ourselves), to the role of the spectator, not being able to intervene (in the ancient dramatic composition, this is called “dramatic irony”).

Living the life conscious but also spiritual, in the act of staying above, I need art and especially bittersweet art, a more deeper concepted art, showing both sides, the light and the dark side. This helps me reflect, on my way…

Why I need bittersweet art

When I look at an artwork, I need to taste both tastes (bitter and sweet). I need to identify all the main roles I play (dramatic irony), and I need to see the crack in the dark, where the light shines in as also the crack in the light, where the darkness invades the space. This is for me the art that I consider valuable, in the long-term view.

Sergiu Grapa – BITTERSWEET 10
2016, digital artwork

Being able to admit that in this world where time seems to flow in one direction, where everything created is doomed to vanish, I need to reflect where I stand between these two main forces. Looking at one of my favorite artists and their bittersweet artworks, I know at a glance, were I stand for the moment and which direction I head for, reaching a higher consciousness. spiritually involving. I need this exercise, over and over, daily.

Having a masterpiece of bittersweet art on the wall, helps me straighten my inner view.

You cannot see the light, without the dark and vice versa…

Pain and suffering quote - Dostoevsky

Sergiu Grapa, Flight in Cage, 2109
Digital artwork in limited edition

“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart…”

– wrote Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Role of art thoughts

Art was and will always be my refuge, it helped me in good times and bad times to reflect with my inner me and evolute spiritually. Inspired by the mood of Sergiu Grapa’s artworks (one of my favorite contemporary surrealism artists), I ordered several artworks reflecting love and pain. Sergiu Grapa created an impressive collection of graphics and digital artworks, entitled Bittersweet (to be seen here).

Sergiu Grapa – Bittersweet 1
Offered in our acuctions (auctions)

He’s artworks express for me in such an intelligent way, the ambivalence between pleasure and pain, power and submissiveness, suffering and lust, gain and loss, expectations and disappointment, creation and destruction, life and death – with other words the ambiguity we live as beings, between the two main forces surrounding us (the destructive power of violence, abuse and death and the infinite divine power of creation) and the power of our free will, above all, forcing us to act and to take decisions, blindly, the perfect dramatic irony stage, where we incorporate all main parts, inspired by our subconscious curiosity call to taste from the desire and love, the above, the underneath and the sides of life, searching for inspiration to reflection, we put ourselves back on track, finally with only one certitude on our way of searching our each meaning of life, our appeal, that all will end one day. But until then, let us live and let’s fly, let us enjoy the beauty of the bittersweet, here so wonderfully expressed in artworks, created by artists with deep emotional understanding and vast expression forms.

Digital artworks - prints

Paul Adrian Chis
2017, Illustrate

In our shop, you can purchase the digital artworks as giclée’s in a limited number of copies (depending on the artists limited editions), professionally printed with pigment ink, on archive photo paper or canvas at highest giclée quality. All prints are numbered and signed originally by the artist and us, as selling gallery, accompanied by a certificate of origin. A part of the revenues are donated to the Philophilia NPO. More about Philophilia, shortly here.