Bittersweet Two artwork description

Technical description


Artworkname: BITTERSWEET 2

Created in 2016
Watercolor, oil, ink on paper
93 x 64cm, framed with passepartout

Compositional description of the Bittersweet two artwork

Sergiu Grapa’s second surrealistic graphic from the Bittersweet series, realized also in 2016 for the Bittersweetart Gallery, displays an erotical powerplay act, between a man and two women. The man has a long beak attached, through which a blue fluid from a bag is dropping on the face of the woman beneath him. The fluid dropping is controlled by a kind of pump, the man holds in his hand. He is pushing her head with the foot to the genital area of the third woman, lying on her back. The skin of her shows a split.

The third part involved in this erotic powerplay lies on her back with the legs over her head, holding a glas relaxed between her fingers of her left hand, containing the same blue fluid, that is pumped by the man above. The face of the third woman seems to be seamed together, her eyes are like black holes. She is placed on supports on a sculpture stand, covered by a twisted sheet.

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